I am a composer or improviser or musician or sound artist or programmer. Open forms, improvisation, indeterminacy and real-time processing often pop up in my work. I make music and sound for movies, theater, radioplays, modern dance and video games. I do 'guerilla style' media bicycle performances and organize art bicycle expeditions - in which the environment is explored through performances.

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gc/nc performance [at] Maximum Velocity, Rotterdam.

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numina [at] protonmail.com

Currently going through recordings with Olle Kruijt. Reading 'The Coming Insurrection' . Listening to Mika Vainio, Kate Tempest and JPTR.

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An eight channel sound installation consisting of megaphones, resonating oil drums, garbage and radios that was built around ‘the little signal house’ on Terschelling. The piece - consisting of two female voices, electromagnetic signals and field recordings from the ‘bird island’ Griend - reflects on climate destruction. The work was made in collaboration with technician / psychiatrist / philosopher Olle Kruijt and artist / writer Stijn Verhoeff. The project was commisioned by Oerol and Natuurmonumenten and started off with a 3 day residency on the bird island Griend. A video report from Omrop Fryslân can be seen down here. We are working on a record of the piece. [ A preliminary version can be listened to down here. ]

joyful militancy

Joyful Militancy [work title]

A film project - initiated by Stijn Verhoeff - that is currently in the making. The film explores the imagination and activism. Recordings have been made in Friesland and at the Hambacher Forest.

Listen down below to a sound report from the Hambacher Forest:



Upcoming tape and digital release on Oggy Records with artwork by Joeri Lefévre. The tape explores real-time sampling and super fast on-the-fly retuning and rescaling as an aspect of electroacoustic improvisation. All tracks are made with toy piano, tapedeck, vocal microphone, tenori-on and SuperCollider.

The track 'Thai vacation' is an improvisation accompanying a found 8 mm filml - selected by Julie Dassaud. Watch the videoclip:

Listen to the very first track of the tape:


Audiovisual narration project in which passages from Finnegans Wake by James Joyce are performed through words, sounds and images. Above you can see a video registration of the very first performance we made. The project started as a collaboration between Joycean / artist Mariana Lanari and me, when we were invited by the American editor Derek Pyle to make a musical interpretation of the first and the last chapter of 'The Wake' for his Waywords and Meansigns project. After this experience, we decided to develop a performance and visual artist Katinka de Jonge joined our team.

Down below you can listen to an audio rendition of the very first page of 'The Wake':