DEPRECATED by gc / nc released on Unexplained Sounds Group. ORDER NOW. Interview and review in Gonzo (Circus).
A brand new RAINBOWPEEL 475.13 track 'Polycarp pool, the pool of Innalavia' will be exhibited inside Yemo Park's exhibition DEEP PLEASURE POOL CLUB. Exhibition takes place in the brand new gallery Lichtkooi in Borgerhout.
Performances in LTK4 in Cologne on April 28 and in LTS4 in Solingen on May 1 with Verena BariƩ and Gerri Jaeger.
Support from Creative Industries Fund NL for the development of a wearable instrument!
"And the whirr of the whins humming us howe."
Next trashkot episode on Radio Centraal on May 16.

Fragment from film by Stijn Verhoeff and Sjoerd Leijten
Winner 'Best Experimental' at Rome Independent Cinema Festival 2019.