Sjoerd Leijten is a musician, sound artist and radiomaker.

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The current video is from a solo performance in Berlin. The music is available via bandcamp.

Contact: numina [at]


An eight channel sound installation consisting of megaphones, resonating oil drums, garbage and radios that was built around ‘the little signal house’ on Terschelling. The piece - consisting of two female voices, electromagnetic signals and field recordings from the ‘bird island’ Griend - reflects on climate destruction. The work was made in collaboration with technician / psychiatrist / philosopher Olle Kruijt and artist / writer Stijn Verhoeff. The project was commisioned by Oerol and Natuurmonumenten and started off with a 3 day residency on the bird island Griend. A video report from Omrop Fryslân can be seen down here. We are working on a record of the piece.

With the voices of Jeanne-Marie Knops and Caroline Ruigrok.

A preliminary version can be listened to down here:


A film project initiated by Stijn Verhoeff. The film explores the imagination and activism. We filmed and recorded sound at locations such as Moddergat, Beetsterzwaag, the NAM blockade bij Code Rood in Delftzijl and in and around the Hambacher Forest, where activists are living in tree houses to protect the forest.

This project is inspired by the book 'Joyful Militancy' by carla bergman and Nick Montgomery, the writings and lectures of Andreas Malm, the actions by Code Rood and Ende Gelände, and the occupation of the Hambacher Forest.

Listen down below to a sound report from the Hambacher Forest:

Listen down below to a sound report from the NAM blockade:


Upcoming tape and digital release on Oggy Records with artwork by Joeri Lefévre. The tape explores real-time sampling and super fast on-the-fly retuning and rescaling as an aspect of electroacoustic improvisation. All tracks are made with toy piano, tapedeck, vocal microphone, tenori-on and SuperCollider.

The video playing in the background is a found 8 mm film with footage from a Dutch tourist of a vacation in Thailand. The improvised soundtrack emphasizes the dark colonial nature of the footage and its maker.


Audiovisual narration project in which passages from Finnegans Wake by James Joyce are performed through words, sounds and images. Above you can see a video registration of the very first performance we made. The project started as a collaboration between Joycean / artist Mariana Lanari and me, when we were invited by the American editor Derek Pyle to make a musical interpretation of the first and the last chapter of 'The Wake' for his Waywords and Meansigns project. This led to an audiovisual performance in collaboration with Katinka de Jonge.


The aether is full of radiomagnetic waves. Wifi, mobile telephony, radio stations, yet also the electromagnetic waves of distant comets float through the air around us. BEACON is an installation performance in which the aether is scanned for all kinds of signals. The found signals are channeled into an ongoing cosmic composition.

BEACON is a collaboration with Olle Kruijt. More info on the BEACON web site.
BEACON is generously supported by Creative Industries Fund NL. With the help and support of STEIM, Overtoon, Instruments Make Play and De Ruimte.


sigils is a collaboration with digital artist / filmmaker Alexander Mangel. We develop an audiovisual instrument that operates as an autonomous feedback loop. At De Ruimte and In De Ruimte we gave our first demonstration of the system, using audio programming environment SuperCollider and game engine Unity. sigils is made possible by the Creative Industry Stimulation Fund.


trashkot is a bi-weekly radio program by Jo Caimo and Sjoerd Leijten on Radio Centraal in Antwerp.
A rancid tissue of sounds, conversations and thrash forms a shaky bridge between music and politics.
Every two weeks on Sunday from 15.00 to 16.30. Listen in and around Antwerp at 106.7 FM.
Outside Antwerp you can listen via the stream.

A full overview of trashkot episodes can be found on the trashkot site.

De toekomst ligt in zee

Audio work - initiated by Stijn Verhoeff - and made in collaboration with Malu Peeters.In the fall of 2016 the work - curated by Vincent van Velsen - premiered at Galerie van Gelder in Amsterdam as a three channel sound installation. In the summer of 2018 the work was exhibited inside a 'jachtkansel' as part of the Lûd sound art festival.

With the voices of Roberta Petzoldt, Maarten Pieterson, Caroline Ruijgrok, Yvo Sprey and Stijn Verhoeff.

Last Inua

Last Inua is an immersive and emotional platform adventure game developed by Glowforth. Last Inua tells the tale of an Inuit family’s fight for survival in the harsh elements of the mythical Arctic. The Tonrar, a demonic trickster, has awoken in the arctic.

With my work for Last Inua I won the Best Music and Sound Design award at the Dutch Game Awards 2014. Last Inua is available via steam.

Fast Nacht

'Fast Nacht' is a collaboration between filmmakers Jasper de Bruin and Bart Voorbergen and fashion designers fORS. The film is an abstract narrative based on the idea of the fashion designers revisiting their hometown in Southern Germany, during the local carnival. They try to reconnect, but are estranged.

With my music for Fast Nacht I won an award for 'Best Music' at the Eindhoven Film Festival.

Volle Band

Volle Band is an audiovisual performance collective centered around bicycles. The urban environment is explored through guerilla sound performances. Squares, bridges, streets, all kinds of public spaces can be occupied and turned into a stage. In this manner the numina – the spirit presiding over a place – is temporarily altered. A parallel world in which the space and the sound suddenly start to combine their energy by creating a fictive landscape. More info on the Volle Band web site.

gc / nc

gc / nc make instant electronic compositions with self-programmed software and self-made controllers. They look for ways to accomplish a physical approach towards electronic music (and in particular realtime synthesis). They use stuff like bicycles, radios, FM transmitters and little solar cell synths in their performances. The music – sometimes described as ‘improvised noise ambient’ – is influenced by the music and ideas of artists like John Cage, Tim Hecker, John Zorn and Captain Beefheart.
gamellaxarksky track preview for the upcoming minnowahaw tape on Oggy Records:

'sllt' is a track based on a jam with drummer Gerri Jäger:

'end here, us then, finnagain' is a musical re-narration of the first page of Finnegans Wake:

'removing the entrance' is a piece by Volle Band, recorded in the Old Church in Amsterdam:

'Deutschland Radio Kultur' recorded a Volle Band sound bicycle performance:

'Fast Forward' is a radioplay by Eva Kijlstra, Jasper de Bruin and yours truly:

Listening to JPEGMAFIA, Rhodri Davies and JPTR. Currently reading 'Straatpolitiek' by Femke Kaulingfreks.